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Membership in EHDA supports dancers and competitions.

  • free pipe practices
  • costume exchanges
  • workshops with classes for every level and parent seminars
  • financial support is provided by bursaries
  • sponsorship for Alberta Representatives
  • transportation for dancers to out of town competitions
  • we provide competitions with board certified, international judges
  • you have a vote at the monthly meetings and an opportunity to express your concerns and answer your questions.

EHDA Bylaws are available for any member who wishes to have a copy. Please email if you would like a copy.

VOLUNTEER COMMITMENT is required with your membership.  SignUp here!

Each family is required to fill one or two shifts depending on level and number of dancers with the exception of Associate or Life members, Executive or Commitment members, or members with Primary dancers only.

  • Members with one Beginner dancer are required to volunteer for ONE shift.
  • Members with a Novice/Intermediate/Premier dancer are required to volunteer for TWO shifts.
  • Members with TWO or more dancers are required to volunteer for TWO shifts.

Note the start times for the volunteer positions for each competition will be confirmed closer to the date and a reminder will be sent.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the EHDA Volunteer Coordinator


The Edmonton Highland Dancing Association (EHDA) could not run all our competitions so successfully without the help of many volunteers!  Over the years, we have tried various methods of enlisting volunteers for each competition, most recently relying on people to sign up on their own accord through the competition entry form.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are signing up and those that do are mostly the same people.  Everyone needs to take an active part; we cannot continue to leave this up to a few committed people!  This is the reason the EHDA is instituting a new volunteer commitment policy.

Click on this link to become familiar with the new Membership Volunteer Commitment Policy.

Click on this link for a description of all the Volunteer Roles you can sign up for.

None of the volunteer roles are difficult to perform or complicated to learn and there will always be someone to answer your questions and ensure you are able to fulfill the role you have volunteered for.

Dancers 16 years of age and older can definitely fulfill a volunteer commitment – doesn’t always have to be mom or dad!

Become a Member Today…

All competition entries will be available online only at www.eventry.net  Please have the dancer SOBHD card and a valid credit card to enter.   PayPal is also accepted for payment.  Should you have any questions or problems with the online system, please email edmonton.highland.dancing@gmail.com

EHDA no longer issues Membership cards.  As you paid online, please keep a copy of your PayPal receipt.

Membership inquiries can be directed to edmonton.highland.dancing@gmail.com