Hello everyone,

We hope that everyone is well and staying safe. As we are now in mid-August, it is time for an update on EHDA.

This is usually the time of year when we are processing annual memberships for EHDA. The new membership application will be available soon for the upcoming season. The Executive voted unanimously to extend the 2019/20 membership into this fall. A new membership will be required for any closed EHDA events beginning in 2021. With AHDA reducing fees for this year and putting a hold on the fundraising fee, the EHDA fee for the upcoming year will be reduced to the Half year membership level.

Our July dates for a casino were cancelled. We do not know when we will be hosting our next casino. As you can imagine, this has a great impact on our budget and ability to run a successful dance season. Alberta Gaming will be contacting all groups with new dates. Hopefully, we will be scheduled in the new year with casinos fully up and running.

At this time, ScotDance Canada has issued a statement that all competitions are on hold until at least the end of October. This is in effect throughout Canada. Although conditions in some areas are better than others, ScotDance Canada needs to know that not only will competitions and travel be safe for our dancers, but they also need to maintain the integrity of the Pre-Premier system from Beginner to Intermediate. Because there are time limits on these Pre-Premier categories, it would not be fair to dancers to “start the clock” on their time limits unless it is country wide. In addition, for an indoor event such as Highland Dancing, Alberta Health Services feels these types of sports activities must still be very restrictive. These restrictions do not allow us a great deal of flexibility to host such an event in close quarters. EHDA continues to monitor restrictions and is basically playing it by ear as things change. At the moment, the October Open Competition is cancelled. Although we had hoped to re-schedule our Confined Championship from March, it is also cancelled for this year. We continue to monitor the situation as it affects November; final determination regarding the status of this competition will be forthcoming. And, we continue to have venues and judges booked for upcoming events in 2021.

Plans for the 2021 Alberta Closed Provincial Championship and AHDA Open Competition are in the works. A venue has been booked in Edmonton for early May.

ScotDance Canada is running a Dance-a-thon Fundraiser on Saturday, August 15. Visit their website and Facebook pages for more information.

We will try to keep you all up to date on happenings in our Highland dance community. Keep checking the website and Facebook. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Barb for Edmonton Highland Dancing Association